Returning to India

India is just as beautiful as I remembered.

We visited the country for the first time two years ago, a few months after our wedding. We returned recently to see a friend of ours get married. It was so good to be back!

This time we spent a lot of time up in the mountains in a little town called Coonoor. On our drive up to Coonoor we could see monkeys playing in the trees, waterfalls, tea plantations, and views of cliffs covered in clouds.



I’ve always loved weddings. This one was such a pretty one! I loved all the colors sprinkled around the room from all the sarees and decorations.

It was so fun exploring the surrounding areas before and after the wedding! There is so much beauty there.

One thing I don’t think I’ll ever get used to is how many people stop us to ask for pictures while we’re walking around. For some reason, it happens way more in India than anywhere else. It makes us feel like celebrities! The kids in the next picture were definitely some of the cutest people who’ve asked us.

We met monkeys! It was so funny seeing them jumping around in the trees. There were so many! One of them actually made a growling noise and chased me at one point so I never did get too close (I’m glad cameras can zoom!).


We left the mountains to drive to a city a few hours away for the wedding reception. While we were there, we went shopping for some traditional Indian clothes to wear to the reception. It was so fun– and definitely different from any shopping experience I’ve ever had before!


I can’t believe the trip is over already. I’m looking forward to whenever we get to go back! Have you ever been to India? If you have, we’d love to hear about it!

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