A Visit to Mexico During Dia de los Muertos

Have you ever heard of Dia de los Muertos? The short version is that it is Mexico’s Halloween.

The history behind the holiday is that it was believed that the gates of heaven are opened during the holiday for spirits of deceased people to come down and enjoy the holiday with their loved ones who were left behind.

Some people make ofrendas, which are like altars which they decorate with candles, flowers, food, and other things they feel like their loved ones would have enjoyed. They believe that if the spirits are happy, they will be given protection, wisdom, and good luck. 

For some people, it’s a special day to honor the dead. Other people just see the holiday as a fun excuse to dress up and decorate.  

Have you ever thought about visiting the country during the holiday? We went to Mexico City during Dia de los Muertos in 2016, and loved the extra taste it gave us of Mexico’s culture.

While we were walking around the city one day we stopped to sit for a bit. The two in the picture below sat down a little ways away from us. I loved how they were talking and eating lunch like everything was normal while dressed up like they were!

I’m not a huge fan of Halloween or scary decorations, but it was fun seeing these two and so many other people walking around dressed up for the holiday. Some of the costumes are really elaborate!

We also went to Teotihuacan while we were in Mexico. It’s an archaeological complex that’s located northeast of Mexico City. If you want to go somewhere with a view in Mexico it’s a good choice!


One last thing we did in Mexico was to go to the National Auditorium, which is considered one of the world’s best venues. We got to watch Reik perform there!


If you’ve never been to Mexico, we highly recommend it! Whether you go during Dia de los Muertos or not, it’s a fun country to visit.

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